Believe Home

“Believe" by Michelle Williams , home collection featuring candles and furniture designed by Michelle Williams.

Latest Album

    Journey To Freedom is Michelle's 4th studio album. "Journey to Freedom" includes "Say Yes" featuring Beyonce & Kelly Rowland, "Fire", and "If We Had Your Eyes" is available now.


How Michelle Williams Is Healing And Moving On After The Worst Year Of Her Life

Michelle Williams was in the fight of her life. For the singer, 2018 was a roller-coaster year that ended with her at her lowest point. After getting engaged in March to her dream guy, a pastor named Chad Johnson, she was on top of the world. Then the depression she’d battled on and off since age 13 creeped back in, and that July she announced on social media that she had “sought help from a […]

Glamour Magazine: Michelle Williams’ First Home Collection Might Make You “Lose Your Breath”

Grammy Award-winning recording artist and songwriter Michelle Williams just took her talents to the world of interior decorating, and we can’t wait to get our hands on her colorful collection, Believe at Home. We chatted up Michelle (who, spoiler alert, is as funny as she is talented) and asked her what we can expect from her line and the inspiration behind it. And of course we snuck in some questions about Destiny’s Child—because, um, Destiny’s […]

Michelle Williams shares her winter skin care tips with

As a singer and songwriter Michelle Williams is one busy lady. But when the holiday season comes, the 35-year-old Christian entertainer finds time to unwind and get pretty. Here, she dishes on how she preps for holiday parties and reveals her must-have beauty products that will carry her into the new year. ESSENCE: Winter is fianlly here! What’s your wintertime skin regimen? Michelle Williams: More moisturizing! I use heavier creams now, and then in the […]

Michelle Williams first odd job before Destiny’s Child

Michelle Williams recently spoke with RedEye Chicago about her first odd job before becoming a star… Excerpt: Stars worked odd jobs in Chicago, too Michelle Williams, Destiny’s Child singer: “I worked at Magic Waters Waterpark. I would take the money, whether it was food service to admissions. And no matter who you were, you had to be the mascot sometimes. He was called Wet Willy. I’ve been Wet Willy. It was a big, yellow, hot […]

Michelle Williams covers Air Chicago Magazine

Michelle Williams covers the summer issue of Air Chicago magazine. Scans available in Photo Gallery. See items in Photo Gallery >>>>> HERE

Interview: Back2Basics Magazine

Michelle Williams is featured in the July/August 2015 issue of Back2Basics magazine. 10 years ago, I was on the last tour of Destiny’s Child, so young, spunky, just excited about life and the future and the possibilities and I still am actually, I just have more wisdom now. I been doing this 18 years and I look at so many people that have come and gone, who’s dreams have been shattered and I just see […]

Inside the Cover with Michelle Williams

In the Winter Glam issue of Kontrol Magazine, we had the stunning Michelle Williams radiating her natural beauty on the front cover. Now that the shoot is over, and the cover is on newsstands at Barnes and Noble, you can finally get a look at the magic that happened behind the scenes. All our hard word produced the beauty that you see today. Behind the Scenes For Michelle Williams’ photo shoot, Editor-In-Chief, Julian Lark put […]

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