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Michelle Williams reveals more details on new album

Michelle Williams revealed new details on her album “Journey to Freedom” in new interview on Bonnerfide Radio with host Gerrad Bonner. The interview was recorded via a podcast earlier this week. In case you missed all the details, we’ve got you covered. We have typed up the entire interview. Look out for special details that Michelle reveals herself on her new music, the Merge Summit, her faith and much more.

Details on single “If We Had Your Eyes”:
It’s one of the first songs that has applied to my daily life. I feel like now that I’ve sang the song I’ve been tested in certain areas. There’s been some times when I’ve had to say “Oh Lord, if I had your eyes what would I do.” You know that saying used to say “What Would Jesus Do”? So, now it’s like Okay God if I had your eyes what would I do. I look at homeless people differently. It’s not as if I never had compassion, but it’s like now I’m quicker to give them something. I’ve literary been in two drive-thru’s and homeless people have stopped me and I give them what I have because the first verse of the song literary says, “Can you spare some change?” You just never know someone else’s circumstances and where they are and why they have to be in a place to ask you for money. Every now and then, I’m like God that could be me. I’m just thankful I can give into someone else’s life. The song also helps me to realize that in the second verse there’s a perception thing from people. People think they know what your life is like. You’re in the entertainment industry and people automatically assume or have a perception that they know what your life is like, but behind closed doors people don’t know if a person is going through something. Even if you’re just a person who works 9 to 5 and you go to church every Sunday, you sing in the choir, but many people don’t know you’re dealing with a domestic situation at home that you don’t think you can tell anyone about. I’m hoping it helps us to discern more and to really be able to hone in on people and what they are going through.

On “If We Had Your Eyes” music video:
We shot the video about two weeks ago in Atlanta with famed photographer turned video director Derek Blanks. Derek Blanks is an awesome photographer and I used to tell him all the time, “Man you should try to see if you can shoot videos” because he has a good eye for lighting. How he captures things, he should transform them into actual videos. I’m amazed at how his videos look like his photography. The video is going to be absolutely amazing.

On how has the response been on her new music:
The response has been overwhelmingly positive. I thank God for that because I was kind of scared to do this album. It took me years to finally say, “Okay God! Yes, I hear you. I got you.” It’s amazing when you’re doing something that you know God wants you to do and I have no doubt in my mind. The feedback is great. We still have a lot of work to do especially with me coming back unto the Gospel scene. People are still trying to figure it out. Again just all kinds of perceptions that I have to try to break, but this time I’ve grown a little more since my first two gospel albums where I was so quick to be heard. I was wondering do people take me seriously. Do they know I’m serious about God? This time I know who I am in God.

On what’s the difference in environments of Gospel versus Pop? :
The mistake I made the last time was I would see people I loved and looked up to and I wanted to meet them, hug them and say hi. Some people weren’t quite as receptive. I literally had people look me up and down or I literally had people say, “What are you doing over here, go on back to where you came from.” And you were right, I sure did go back to where I came from and had a blast. You can not let people take you off of the path God has for you. It may not look like the way they were brought up or how they came into gospel music. Some were born into it. I was born in the Church of God in Christ. I was raised in church, but people know me from my work with my group Destiny’s Child, whom I love to pieces. Those are my sisters. On this album I said God I’m on a mission to do whatever it is that you told me to do whether or not I have the support of whomever I think I’m supposed to have the support of or from. We did a song on my album, it’s an African praise worship song that says, “When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no.” If God already said it, he ordained it and opened up the door, there’s nothing you can do to close it. I’m going in the door. You can come with me if you want. You can celebrate me if you want to, but if not I’m okay.

On the Merge Summit this weekend:
I’m so excited to be a part of the Merge Summit. I am a part of the opening night event that’s going on. Holly Davis Carter personally gave me a call. When Holly calls you, you normally should say yes because you know when she’s calling you, you know it’s going to be something absolutely amazing. I’ve known about the Merge Summit for a couple of years now and I’m so happy I now have the chance to be a part of it. I’ll be singing a group song or two and then I’ll be enjoying the weekend the same as everyone else. It’s merging people from different walks of life, different parts of the industry, but you know they have faith. Merging people of faith and people that are just standing strong in God and being a light and making some changes in this industry.

Continuing on Merge Summit and growing up in church:
I wish this could be broadcasted in people’s homes so that they could know everything that’s going on. I can’t get mad at people anymore that don’t understand because sometimes when you don’t understand it’s because you haven’t been exposed to it. As I said, I grew up in church and going to church I sang in the choir, directed the choir, was a worship leader and that’s all I knew. Every now and then we had Janissa Bennett and Ann Nesby who were from Rockford and they’d come back and sing at our church and you would hear a couple of mumblings, but they were in Sounds of Blackness. What was wrong with that? So now here I am on the same platform being judged. My uncle is a bishop at COGIC and I sang at his official day a couple of weeks ago in my hometown. I’ll never forget I was talking to this older lady and she said, “I pray for you everyday.” I said thank you so much and she said, “Have you ever considered giving your life to Christ?” I say “What?, Yes!” It’s amazing to me how they think people in the entertainment industry haven’t given their life to Christ. There’s some people in the church who haven’t given their life to Christ or live the life that we’re supposed to be living. So, I said, “Ma’am I have given my live to Christ and I am saved.” She said, “OH! Well I’m happy to hear that.” Here I am about to sing the official day song for the holy congregation of COGIC in my hometown and this woman is like, “Have you ever thought about giving your life to Christ?” It just cracked me up that people don’t know how to merge what they see in someone’s life or what they see someone’s job is. It’s just really weird. I just don’t know if people understand or (will understand) until Jesus come. That’s just something we’re going to be battling about, but it’s not mine to battle about anymore. I used to want to prove to people.

On album details:
I’ve got some amazing friends and family on the gospel side and my home church in Illinois and I’m possibly moving to LA at the top of next year. Just the support of my churches that I’m a part of, I’m just really happy. I’m happy about my album, mainly produced by Harmony Samuels, who’s making an incredible dent in the industry as a whole. He is absolutely phenomenal. My album is titled “Journey to Freedom” and you all will hear it and know that it has been a journey. The album is coming February 25, 2014. I shot two videos actually for two different songs. I can’t wait for you all to see. You can buy the single on iTunes and Google Play. It will be sold physically very soon and I have a special remix with none other than Fantasia. So, I’m excited about that and it will come with another song that many people have been asking me about.

Today, she also revealed a blurred photo of a special guest in her video for “If We Had Your Eyes” expected to premiere very soon. We know who the guest is in the video, can you tell?

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