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USA Today: Michelle Williams joins Oxygen as Miss ‘Fix’-It

Destiny’s Child alumna Michelle Williams, 34, obviously knows plenty about singing, and she proves it in her role as mentor on Oxygen’s Fix My Choir (premiering Nov. 5). Did you know …

She gives great advice. “I honestly thought that I was just going to come onboard to mentor people and give them performance tips and help them improve technique, but then, before I know it, I became Dr. Phyllis,” she quips of her Choir role. “It’s amazing. So many people are hurt or broken or haven’t dealt with issues from their childhood.”

She has a thing for crime. “My dad told me because I talk too much that I should explore my career options in the law.That was some of the best advice (he) could have given me because in college that was my major, criminal justice. I was like, ‘OK, I could do this.'”

She’s into gardening. “I find myself loving to get in my landscaping. … I’ve pulled a few plants out that weren’t weeds, but I’m learning. I don’t have a green thumb. It’s peaceful for me. I don’t bring my phone outside. It’s just me, the flowers, the bees that swarm around the rose bush. It’s so relaxing and therapeutic. I’m not in a rush. I’m just enjoying nature.”

She’s got a sweet tooth. “That’s my problem. … I go work out at the gym and I swear as I’m doing my sit-ups, I’m thinking about cupcakes and ice cream. This is the devil. He doesn’t want me to be great. I do indulge and I do treat myself, but if I’m trying to have a nice abdominal section then cupcakes (aren’t) cool. I did have a Hostess chocolate cupcake last night. Don’t tell anyone.”

She’s into The Voice. “I like the concept. I really like how it is about ‘the voice.’ There are so many people who don’t meet image standards that have been set now in music, but they still have great voices. They might be a little kooky, they might act a little strange or probably don’t fit in certain crowds, but they’re so gifted and so talented. That’s what I like. They turn around because of the voice.”

She’s a Leo. “I can be a little snappy – not in a bad way. People think I’m just quiet. ‘Oh, she’s the observant one.’ But, if I’m passionate about something, I’ll chime in. If I feel I’m being pushed against the wall, I’ll let you know. I’m a lion, don’t push me.”

She’s shy, though. “I’m still uncomfortable with being recognized in public. I don’t do it because I’m mean and don’t like people; I’m shy, I guess. I still feel like that Midwestern girl from Rockford, Ill. I’m just a normal person and I want you to appreciate me for my music and all that good stuff, but I’m still shy and I still seem awkward when someone recognizes me after doing this for 15 years.”

She’s naturally a night owl. “I still like to get my sleep. I’m learning to appreciate early mornings (because) you can so much done then have the whole day to mess around.”

Source: USA Today

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