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“Believe Home” by Michelle Williams , a bedding and home collection premiered a sneak peek of the collection on EVINE Live September 2015. The line will officially launch in Spring 2016.

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    Journey To Freedom is Michelle's 4th studio album. "Journey to Freedom" including "Say Yes" featuring Beyonce & Kelly Rowland, "Fire", and "If We Had Your Eyes" featuring Fantasia is available now. Links below! Michelle Williams on Her Faith, Spirituality, and Greatest Accomplishment

You may know Michelle Williams as one third of the chart topping trio, Destiny’s Child. But this child of destiny is out on her own and doing her own thing from her new show, Fix My Choir on Oxygen, to her latest NAACP award-nominated gospel album, Journey to Freedom.

Williams spoke with about how her relationship with God has helped her discover who she truly is.

When are you happiest?
I’m trying to get to a place where I can be just consistently happy regardless of the elements around me. I was watching a performance and someone was like, ‘You look really happy! You look happier and more authentic in these days that I’ve seen you before.’ I counted that as a compliment because I think if people think you’re being really authentic in what you do or they’re saying that I’m getting to see your personality and all of that, then that really makes me kind of happy.

Is faith a deal-breaker for your relationships?
I want them to believe, I want them to believe in God. I believe in Jesus. Do you believe John 3:16? We believe in that, cool. Then we can talk.

Who has been your greatest teacher?
Certain spiritual moments have been my teachers. One of my greatest lessons was to pay attention. I remember I was dating someone and on our first date, I knew that wasn’t my husband. I knew that. But I kept it going. I learned from that experience to pay attention to that thing that says “No.” Your greatest teacher is your spirit, your instincts.

Do you have a proverb or a scripture that gets you through tough times?
Proverbs 3: 5 and 6. The latter part is: “In all thy ways, acknowledge Him and He will guide your path” That’s when I’m feeling confused or which way to go, I always have to remember that. To ask God about it. He’ll tell you, He’ll show you, He’ll give you signs.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?
One of my greatest accomplishments is finally accepting my purpose and owning it. Some of my greatest accomplishments are people letting me know, ‘I found faith again because of you.’ A grown man tweeted me yesterday and was like, ‘I go to church again because of you.’ Things like that that also let me know, I believe right. I guess I’m on the right path doing what I’m supposed to do.

How do you manage criticism about being both a gospel and R&B artist?
I have come to embrace all aspects of the arts. My thing is, why do we only equate secular to music? No one complained when I did Aida or Chicago the musical or when I did the Color Purple and played Shug Avery and kissed Celie in the mouth! How come it’s only when we talk about music, do we say because I’m singing about love and God, I’m flip-flopping? God told me to work with people in the R&B world but still have a relationship with Him. So I worked with people who understand balance, who understand that God plants us in certain places to be an example to people.


Public Appearance: NephCure Countdown to a Cure

Michelle Williams attends NephCure’s Countdown to a Cure on December 4th in New York City. The NephCure’s Countdown to a Cure event was given by the NephCure Kidney International organization that focuses on fighting against chronic kidney disease. Michelle was joined by actor Cuba Gooding Jr. and the organization’s President, Michael Levine.


Clip from OK! Magazine at the event interviewing Michelle Williams.

US Weekly: Michelle Williams Reveals Blue Ivy’s Cutest Moment, Favorite Destiny’s Child Song

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Public Voting is now open for the Stellar Awards! Make your voice heard and vote for Michelle Williams in many categories to help determine who will be nominated for the 2015 Stellar Awards. Voting is open now thru Dec 30th. Vote today! You are allowed 3 votes per household. VOTE HERE

Michelle Williams sings the US National Anthem at Wembley Stadium

Michelle Williams sang the US National Anthem at Wembley Stadium in London for the NFL International Series. Video captured and edited by Unexpected Michelle team member, Jonathan.

Singer Michelle Williams sings the national anthem of the United States of America during the NFL week 10 match between the Jackson Jaguars and the Dallas Cowboys at Wembley Stadium on November 9, 2014 in London, England.

Michelle Williams and Deitrick Haddon visit Centric’s Arise TV


Huffington Post Live: Michelle Williams Opens Up About Quieter Times Post-Destiny’s Child

Michelle Williams Opens Up About Quieter Times Post-Destiny’s Child
HuffPost Live | By Emily Tess Katz

There was a time when Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams let the tabloids dictate how she felt about herself. But life as a solo artist has brought quieter times, something the “Fix My Choir” host has had to make peace with, she told HuffPost Live in a Wednesday interview:

Some celebrities have a hard time because there’s gonna come a point when you’re not gonna be sought after like you were once.. I was guilty of attaching my self-worth according to how people viewed me or if I was relevant. If I wasn’t on blogs everyday — I’m still balancing this — like if I’m off for two days, I start feeling like a bum. I start feeling like I’m not contributing to society because it’s that work ethic of being in the group where we were constantly constantly working.

Williams keeps morale high by reminding herself that she’s “still a great person” even when she’s not “out doing 80 interviews.”

“Things are just slow today,” she’ll tell herself. “But tomorrow, you’re gonna wish you had that nap you were able to take yesterday.”

What matters most is “heart posture” and “how you treat people,” the singer added.

“Although it’s good to have money in the bank, that’s not who you are,” she said. “Money in the bank is not who you are.”

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