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    Journey To Freedom is Michelle's 4th studio album. "Journey to Freedom" includes "Say Yes" featuring Beyonce & Kelly Rowland, "Fire", and "If We Had Your Eyes" is available now.

Jet Magazine: Michelle Williams Gears Up for New Album

A few months ago, Michelle Williams was gearing up for the release of her fourth studio project, Journey to Freedom, initially due in February. But she had an inkling that something wasn’t quite right.

“We just were not ready, and I kind of already knew,” she admits.

Her hunch was correct, and the album was pushed back.

But Williams didn’t just need more time to work on her music, she needed more time to work on herself, too.

“I think I was at my low point in every way imaginable,” she reveals. “As far as the pressure was concerned, I was going through that and the battle of wanting to do an album. I didn’t want to have to go through the talking about it and the criticism.”

The songstress wanted to get away, and that’s exactly what she did.

Chicago Tribune: Destiny and doughnuts for Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams was searching for CNN on the TV Friday afternoon in her suite at the Hard Rock Hotel, more than 20 floors up from where she hosted her album release party the previous night. The 34-year-old singer and Rockford native wanted to check in on a news story that had just broken before leaving the room. It turns out Williams is a self-proclaimed “newsie.” She talks of news in the same manner some might talk about gossip, relaying the juicy details and her theories on what transpired.

“It’s probably not healthy,” said Williams of her obsession.

This may explain, in part, why she’s drawn to real-life-crime and courtroom programming. She calls the syndicated “Judge Judy” a guilty pleasure and raves about A&E’s “The First 48.” The latter is a docu-series that features homicide investigators attempting to solve a murder, generally in the first 48 hours that follow.



Photo Exclusive: Michelle Williams “Say Yes” to Fellowship Chicago

Michelle Williams came close to home over the weekend with a number of Chicago appearances to promote her new album, Journey to Freedom. Her last stop before heading to other cities was her former church home Fellowship Chicago headed by Pastor Charles Jenkins. What was to be a listening party and a cd signing turned into a full on church service. Churchgoers were treated to a performance of “Say Yes”, a short sermon on “Blessings being Conditional” and a meet and greet plus cd signing with Michelle Williams. Unexpected Michelle was able to attend to share these exclusive photos:

Michelle Williams attended and sang at Chicago’s House of Hope earlier that morning. Here’s the performance.

Christian Post: Michelle Williams Exclusive

Michelle Williams Exclusive: Singer Talks Cutting Out Bad Relationships, Overcoming Insecurities

Some people remember Michelle Williams as one third of the Grammy Award winning singing group Destiny’s Child, while others appreciate her penchant for theater where she has starred in multiple successful Broadway shows.

Regardless of how the world has viewed her, the 34-year-old Christian entertainer had a hard time believing in her purpose not too long ago. Now that Williams has centered herself in her faith once again, she is opening up about the path taken to overcome struggles in her fourth solo album, “Journey To Freedom.”

Michelle Williams recently spoke to The Christian Post about her new album and the various struggles she has faced, including not believing in her purpose.

The Examiner: Michelle Williams’ cathartic ‘Journey to Freedom’

EOne Entertainment multi-award winning artist Michelle Williams’ new album “Journey to Freedom” is a compilation of tracks expressing her inner evolution of self. Through the process of introspection, Michelle gave birth to joy in abundance in the form of a new album. Thursday, Sept. 4, after her Chicago Listening Party at the Hard Rock Hotel, Michelle Williams shares her ability to recognize and overcome depression, working with her Destiny Child sisters Beyonce and Kelly Rowland and her brand new music.

Bob Marley’s quote, “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice” is befitting to Michelle Williams’ journey. Stuffing down a myriad of emotions and issues until facing the very things that plagued her, Michelle faced her depression. “I was tired of the anger. I was tired of having to be fake and all of that stuff. So then, it was a period of me talking to somebody and then identifying where it came from… Deal with where it came from, whether it’s forgive…let somebody know ‘Man, you hurt me a long time ago” and let it go… Literally when people say, “[You] feel a weight lift off your chest”… Literally, that’s what happens. I just encourage everybody to do the same thing,” shares Michelle.

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Michelle Williams brings “Journey to Freedom” to Hard Rock Chicago!

Michelle Williams had a private listening party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago. Unexpected Michelle was able to attend after learning of the event the night before. The listening party was held inside the hotel’s lounge area, Angels and Kings, from 6pm-8pm. Angels and Kings is a small and intimate space filled with a small stage and was mostly standing room only. The room was packed with a good number of fans, press, and record label reps. Michelle’s labelmate Jon McReynolds was also in attendance. The atmosphere was very fun and positive. People were talking to strangers from across the room and just excited to be able to attend this exclusive event. Michelle arrived to the party in a black and white leather ensemble and immediately went to the stage after greeting the crowd. She began by thanking the crowd for coming. She acknowledged that a few lucky fans had won tickets for the event through a couple of radio stations throughout Chicago. Those fans were asked to step forward towards the front of the stage and to ask Michelle questions. Michelle answered and then she scanned the room to see who was in the audience. She spotted us and gave Unexpected Michelle a shoutout from the stage declaring that we were her official fansite and had been loyal to her for the past 12 years of her solo career. Michelle continued to talk as she introduced and explained “Need Your Help“, “Fall“, “Believe In Me” “Yes” and “Say Yes“. Each song was only played for a minute or so as Michelle wanted to ensure that fans only received a taste of the album and would purchase on Tuesday. After the listening session, Michelle took photos with every fan who wanted a picture. See photos below courtesy of her label and Nikki-B. GreyMatter Photography.

Michelle Williams visits Windy City Live

Part 2:

Source: Windy City Live

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