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    Christian Post: Michelle Williams Exclusive

    Michelle Williams Exclusive: Singer Talks Cutting Out Bad Relationships, Overcoming Insecurities Some people remember Michelle Williams as one third of the Grammy Award winning singing group Destiny’s Child, while others appreciate her penchant for theater where she has starred in multiple successful Broadway shows. Regardless of how the world has viewed her, the 34-year-old Christian entertainer had a hard time believing in her purpose not too long ago. Now that Williams has centered herself in her faith once again, she is opening up about the path taken to overcome struggles in her fourth solo album, “Journey To Freedom.” Michelle Williams recently spoke to The Christian Post about her new album…

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    The Examiner: Michelle Williams’ cathartic ‘Journey to Freedom’

    EOne Entertainment multi-award winning artist Michelle Williams’ new album “Journey to Freedom” is a compilation of tracks expressing her inner evolution of self. Through the process of introspection, Michelle gave birth to joy in abundance in the form of a new album. Thursday, Sept. 4, after her Chicago Listening Party at the Hard Rock Hotel, Michelle Williams shares her ability to recognize and overcome depression, working with her Destiny Child sisters Beyonce and Kelly Rowland and her brand new music. Bob Marley’s quote, “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice” is befitting to Michelle Williams’ journey. Stuffing down a myriad of emotions and…

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    Michelle Williams brings “Journey to Freedom” to Hard Rock Chicago!

    Michelle Williams had a private listening party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago. Unexpected Michelle was able to attend after learning of the event the night before. The listening party was held inside the hotel’s lounge area, Angels and Kings, from 6pm-8pm. Angels and Kings is a small and intimate space filled with a small stage and was mostly standing room only. The room was packed with a good number of fans, press, and record label reps. Michelle’s labelmate Jon McReynolds was also in attendance. The atmosphere was very fun and positive. People were talking to strangers from across the room and just excited to be able to attend…

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    JTF first promo tour stops….

    Michelle Williams has started a promo tour for her upcoming album Journey to Freedom. Her first stop was in Indiana for AM 1310 The Light in which she had a listening session for fans and did an impromptu dance to “Say Yes”. Then, she headed to Detroit for an interview with Praise Detroit and stopped by The Dorinda Show. The Dorinda Show airs on TCT channel on Sundays at 9pm EST on Direct TV Channel 377 in most major U.S. cities. Look out for the episode to air soon! Look for more cities and promo tour stops in the coming weeks!!!