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First Look: Michelle Williams to cover Sister 2 Sister Magazine, Sept. 2014 issue

Michelle Williams looks stunning on the cover of the September issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine with a new promo photo shot by famed photographer Derek Blanks. Get the first look below of the cover and a clip from the interview:

Michelle Williams spoke to S2S about being transparent on her new album, dealing with her depression, cyber bullying and the reason you will be seeing more of her on TV. Pick up the September 2014 issue for more!


For some reason, Michelle Williams seems to attract a lot of haters, especially when considering she’s a member of one of the world’s most successful female groups of all time.

“I think the cyber bullying is just stupid because the majority of the time most of the cyber bullies just type it, but when they see you on the street, they’re not gonna say it to your face,” Michelle recently told Sister 2 Sister.

Fellow artists and social media thugs alike have criticized Michelle, but she said she’s learned how to deal with it.

“Every now and then, depending on what day you catch me, if you say something out of line to me—because I don’t want you to be ignorant, I want you to be knowledgeable—I will spit something back to you that’s factual and I’ll say, ‘God bells you’ at the end,” said Michelle who defended her Destiny’s Child niece Blue Ivy.

Beyoncé’s baby girl has experienced as much cyber bullying as any toddler out there. A petition, urging Beyoncé to comb her daughter’s hair, was even started earlier this year.

“Let’s worry about your own children and nieces and nephews and make sure they’re getting good grades in school and not worry about somebody’s hair,” she said.

Source: Sister 2 Sister Magazine

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