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    Michelle Williams spotted…

    Michelle Williams was spotted on the set of good friend and fellow Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland’s video for her single “Ice”. It is not confirmed if Michelle will appear in the video or if she was only visiting the set. While behind the scenes Michelle tells us what she thinks of Kelly’s new video, “It’s (the video) really hot. Some scenes I have to (literally cover my eyes) because I’m just not ready to see my sister grown, although she’s been grown for years.” Watch behind the scenes clip:

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    Michelle Williams on PowerTV

    Michelle Williams is lending her voice to the Power to End Stroke campaign with the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. The campaign’s goal is to raise awareness on living a healthier life to help prevent stroke. Michelle recently sat down with the campaign’s webisode Power TV to discuss how stroke has effected her and her family. Watch below:

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    Michelle Williams designs for Koshio O

    Michelle Williams awakens her inner designer as she contributes to the Koshie O clothing line which integrates African themes and aesthetics with modern designs. Michelle’s design is a bright colored maxi dress featured in the genesis collection and will be available for purchase Spring 2013.

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    Michelle Williams takes the MTV challenge Democrat or Diva?!

    MTV caught up with Michelle Williams at this year’s Lollapalooza in Chicago where Michelle was challenged on her knowledge of quotes given by politicians or divas. Get to know Michelle’s fun side as you watch Michelle and others as they play the Democrat or Diva game. Get More: MTV Shows Today is Election Day in the United States. If you haven’t participated in the early voting, please get out today and make your voice heard. Please vote!

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    Michelle Williams attends Love+Works

    Michelle Williams joined her hometown Rockford, IL over the weekend to attend Rockford First Church in supporting its Love+Works service. The service was inspired “to discover what it means to REALLY love others like Jesus.” Michelle shared her gift with her hometown as she performed her versions of “When Love Takes Over” and “Jesus Loves Me”. Watch Michelle Williams during Rockford First weekend!

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