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Glamour Magazine: Michelle Williams’ First Home Collection Might Make You “Lose Your Breath”

Grammy Award-winning recording artist and songwriter Michelle Williams just took her talents to the world of interior decorating, and we can’t wait to get our hands on her colorful collection, Believe at Home. We chatted up Michelle (who, spoiler alert, is as funny as she is talented) and asked her what we can expect from her line and the inspiration behind it. And of course we snuck in some questions about Destiny’s Child—because, um, Destiny’s Child! Read on for the full interview:

Have you always been interested in interior decorating?
Always! I had no choice growing up. My mother was fascinated with everything interior design—from curtains to carpet, and she made sure to repaint our walls and get us new bedding every few years and we’d always look forward to it. My mom’s favorite store was J.C. Penney so I’d know if we were going on a shopping spree at J.C. Penney that meant we’d have new bedding.

What inspired the collection?
As I got older, my bedroom became the place that I wanted to look amazing so that I could go to bed feeling amazing. Especially when you work you deserve to be in some nice sheets and a nice bed and mattress.

What’s the one piece in your collection you’re most excited about debuting?
I picked a lot of the textures and fabrics that I like, but then I thought I should open up my eyes and pick out some other things, because not everyone is going to be drawn to exactly what I like. Initially I didn’t think I would love the white duvet set, but I ended up posting it on my Instagram because I love it so much. If you have it positioned correctly it looks like a dropped flower, and it’s so beautiful with the teal decorative pillows. I couldn’t believe how amazing it turned out. It’s so cute!

Can you tell us about about what makes Evine such a cool and different shopping experience?
Being an artist and someone who has co-hosted several TV shows, I love to talk. So when you let me talk about new projects that I’m working on, I love to sell them on TV, which is what I’m doing with Evine. Not only that, I have the opportunity to tell that viewer who may only know me as the singer or from Destiny’s Child about my upbringing and that my grandmother handmade all of her bedroom decorations from her curtains to her duvet cover. Every single bedroom had a different theme and she handmade those quilts. It’s cool because instead of just slapping my name on this product and selling it, I gave the line the name Believe, which is about me believing in myself again, and I wanted everyone to have that experience as their affirmation: That whenever they go to sleep they know they’re lying in a Believe cover set. They can go to bed and think about what they did that day that got them closer to their goals. That’s really what it is for me, so I decided to slap Believe on something that I love.

You’re expanding your collection in March—should we expect anything different?
Absolutely, a different vibe. The first sneak peek collection that I did, we only did solids, and I was the first person on Evine to have a linen-cotton duvet cover set. Nobody else has done linen. Since I live in Chicago I wondered if it would be too cold but it sets with your body temperature perfectly so you don’t get too hot or too cold. I really adore that collection, but with this collection we really went for it with the patterns and textures. Since it’s spring time you have to put some color in your room.

What was your favorite bedding when you were growing up?
It was a set with white with green and pink and green and then I noticed that everybody had this bed set—someone at Glamour probably has this bed set! It was my favorite, it was great.

What would have done to your bedroom in high school if your parents gave you free reign?
I definitely would have gotten rid of the pink walls by the time I was in high school, or I would have done just one wall pink. My mom had the whole room pink and I felt like I was in a big ol’ piece of bubble gum. But if I was in high school now I’d know about accent walls, and since pink is my favorite color I’d do an accent wall of pink and have some cool mirrored nightstands and a nice queen-size bed and not anything too busy, just a contemporary comforter and some decorative pillows. I have about 20 of them on my bed, it takes me about 10 minutes just to get into bed and nine of those minutes are just taking those pillows off!

If you could describe your collection with a Destiny’s Child song title, what would it be?
“Bootylicious” or “Lose My Breath.” Because when you fall on your bed you want your breath to be taken away.

If you could pick a piece for Beyonce and a piece for Kelly what would they be?
Kelly’s birthday is actually coming up, and of course I know what her bedroom looks like so I’d definitely want her to have the solid blue linen cotton duvet comforter set, though I don’t know if her husband will like it! And for Bey, I’d probably give her the gray one or the watercolor one, because she loves to paint. She’s actually an amazing painter, and I do have a duvet set that’s watercolor themed.

Sheet sets range from $70 to $150, Euro sham sets will sell for $23, and the five-piece comforter set will retail for $80. There are seven items debuting in the February show, but more will be coming in March and June. You can tune in to Evine Live on TV, mobile app, or online at, and check out the collection on Instagram and Twitter: @Believe_Home.

Happy shopping!

Source: Glamour Magazine

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