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Cosmopolitan: Michelle Williams on Beyoncé and Eating Honey Buns for Coachella

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For two consecutive Saturdays in April, Michelle Williams joined Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland in the desert for a Destiny’s Child reunion at Coachella. The ladies wore custom Balmain creations, delivered medleys of their greatest hits, and stood tall with hundreds of dancers and members of marching bands from black colleges. According to Michelle, the DC reunion started with a phone call. “We are in touch all the time, whether it’s going to dinner or something like that,” she tells “I just remember Bey on the phone being like, ‘Hey, I’m doing Coachella, I’d like for you to be part of it.’ And it’s like, of course. Of course. When it comes to my girls, I’m going to be there as best as I can, as much as I can.”

After the first weekend of Coachella, Beyoncé’s mom Tina shared on Instagram that she had reservations about how a mostly white audience would react to seeing black culture and black college culture on stage. “I was very confident,” Michelle says of Beyoncé’s vision. “And you have to give it to Miss Tina. That’s her daughter. A mother might have concerns that someone else might not even think about or worry about. I think she was coming from a place of, ‘You worked so hard to do this kind of a show, I just don’t want there to be any criticism. I don’t want the criticism to overshadow the hard work that you put into this amazing production.’” For Michelle, the theme of Beyoncé’s Coachella performance hit all the right notes. “I went to school for two years and was always interested in being in a sorority. Some of that stuff, I’d seen on campus. Every year they have homecoming,” she says. “Everything Beyoncé did on stage happens at Howard University, Grambling, Morehouse.”


While Beyoncé went vegan to prep for Coachella, Michelle turned to something sweet and soft. “I just ate all the Honey Buns in the world… just making sure I was getting the correct intake of calories,” she says. “I’m not doing anything on purpose to be slim. I literally have to have a certain amount of calories to maintain a healthy weight. Sometimes I feel bad talking about it, [since] people concentrate on those who need to lose weight. But what about those who want to gain? That’s just where I’m at. My metabolism has totally changed.”


For Michelle, the performances bookended one of the most blissful moments of her life: the announcement that she was engaged to Chad Johnson, her pastor boyfriend who was most recently the chaplain for the Pittsburgh Steelers. “The thing is, we were engaged for a month, so finally announcing it made me relive that beautiful moment,” she says. “It’s starting to settle in.” According to Michelle, letting the world in on her engagement felt like the natural next step for her relationship. “It felt like the right time. I was like, Do I not wear the ring? Do I hide it? No, tell people we’re engaged! It’s OK. We’ve been public about everything else.” Eagle-eyed Destiny’s Child fans might have noticed that Michelle’s ring did not make it to the Coachella stage. “God forbid I wave my hand to tell the crowd and it falls off. Crazy things have happened,” she says. “Can you imagine that? I would’ve lost my mind.” She did, however, rehearse with her 5-carat sparkler. “It was kind of moving up and down my knuckle and I was like, ‘Oh no, absolutely not.’ My mother told me I needed to lift weights to carry this thing on my finger.”

With Coachella over, Michelle is now concentrating on the latest pieces in her home décor line, Believe by Michelle, and of course, her wedding. For starters, she still needs a date. “I just know we want a summer wedding. This year. I’m kind of visualizing the dress I want to wear… obviously picking bridesmaids will be very quick. I have a small circle of friends,” she says. “As far as colors, I’m kind of still playing with that. I want it to be classic and elegant, that’s for sure.” Going into her wedding and marriage, Michelle says she hopes her and Chad’s love story will encourage others to just go for it. “Get somebody who [appreciates] all of you. He loves me for who I am but I also know there are places I can grow… As long as you’re open to growth, I think you will be successful.”


Source: Cosmopolitan



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