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    Michelle Williams Request Campaign

    Pinned: Posts Resume As Normal Below REQUEST “If We Had Your Eyes”, “Fire” and “Say Yes” using the links below to get Michelle to #1! You can request once a day using the Mediabase request forms or tweet the radio stations as much as you like. Let’s get this to #1. In the US, Billboard factors radio play along with sales and streaming data when building their charts, so higher radio play will directly result in a higher position. Elsewhere in the UK for example, where radio play isn’t used, it will still indirectly increase the song’s chart position by increasing sales – so GET REQUESTING!

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    Michelle Williams attends Love+Works

    Michelle Williams joined her hometown Rockford, IL over the weekend to attend Rockford First Church in supporting its Love+Works service. The service was inspired “to discover what it means to REALLY love others like Jesus.” Michelle shared her gift with her hometown as she performed her versions of “When Love Takes Over” and “Jesus Loves Me”. Watch Michelle Williams during Rockford First weekend!

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