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As a singer, songwriter and record producer with a new TV show and album, Michelle Williams is one busy lady. But when the holiday season comes, the 34-year-old Christian entertainer finds time to unwind and get pretty. Here, she dishes on how she preps for holiday parties and reveals her must-have beauty products that will carry her into the new year.

ESSENCE: So wintertime is coming here and holidays. What’s your wintertime skin regimen?
Michelle Williams: More moisturizing! I use heavier creams now, and then in the summer time I might wear something that doesn’t leave oil. You know an SPF—which you should be wearing anyway. I also love my Clarisonic brush winter, spring, summer and fall. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, but my skin is a little drier.

ESSENCE: What are your beauty must-haves this winter?
Williams: I love Kim Kimble’s silk shampoo treatment and conditioner. Even when I travel I take it with me. I even squeeze big bottles into the little bottles to make sure I can get through TSA.

ESSENCE: Do you have any tips for getting ready for the holiday parries?
Williams: When you think of the holidays, it’s something that’s classic. And I think ‘what would the divas wear?’ Dorothy Dandridge might not have a smoky eye, but she would have a red lip. But Josephine Baker would have that smoky eye. I do a smoky eye and a classic red lip. I also I like a good nude, peachy lip too. If you’re going to do a smoky eye, you might want to wear a nude lip. Smoky and red isn’t always the best—you might have too many things going on.

ESSENCE: Do you have a beauty routine that you follow when you’re going to holiday parities?
Williams: Yes, I might do an extra sugar scrub to have really glowy skin. Although it’s really cold outside, the dresses that you might wear might be off the shoulder, might show some shoulder. So you want your skin to look toned, even, and glowing.

ESSENCE: Do you have a favorite sugar scrub?
Williams: Fresh’s Brown Sugar Body Polish.

ESSENCE: Who are your beauty icons?
Williams: Definitely Dorothy Dandridge and Lena Horne. I also like seeing Janet Jackson with a fresh face and mole!

Tune-in to Williams’ show Fix My Choir, Wednesdays on Oxygen at 10 p.m. ET, and pick up her new album Journey to Freedom!


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