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Michelle Williams did an exclusive interview with People Magazine about ‘The Masked Singer’ and what’s next!

Michelle Williams experienced a challenging end to 2018. In December of last year, less than five months after sharing that she felt better upon seeking treatment for depression, the “We Break the Dawn” singer revealed that she and her fiancé, pastor Chad Johnson, ended their engagement. Days later, Williams took a leave of absence from the Broadway production of Once On This Island on doctors’ orders.

One year later, Williams came back in a big way: On Wednesday nightThe Masked Singer unmasked the former Destiny’s Child member as the Butterfly.

“What better way than to emerge and say, ‘I’m taking my power back, I’m getting my strength back,’ ” Williams, 40, tells PEOPLE. ” ‘I’m going to be okay and start knocking these obstacles out.’ “

Though she lost to Thingamajig during the smackdown round, Williams feels partially relieved to have her identity revealed. “It feels so good because I don’t have to lie,” she says. “I’ve been lying to my friends and family and the world since September!”

Williams shares how she felt throughout her Masked Singer journey, whether she plans to continue singing, and getting confused with the Fosse/Verdon actress who shares her same name.

Why was The Masked Singer the right choice for your return to the spotlight?
In my time away, I didn’t have to be on. I didn’t have to sit in the hair and makeup chair and turn into this entertainer. [With Masked Singer] I just felt like I was literally going onto the set, nobody knows it’s me and having a blast just being me. That’s what I will take into every situation is to be me, and whoever’s for me, you’re going to be there for me. Opportunities will be there for me being me.

How was your mental health going into the show?
I was stable enough, but still a little fragile, but thinking that this is going to give me some strength. Because you can’t stay in your cocoon forever, you’ve got to come out.

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