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Beautifully Said Magazine interviews Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams talked to Beautifully Said Magazine on her new single, “If We Had Your Eyes“, her upcoming performances and who she’d like to go on tour with. Good read! Check it out:


We always enjoy speaking with Grammy® Award winning singer/songwriter Michelle Williams because she’s just “good people!” Michelle’s been busy promoting her summer hit, and lead single ”If We Had Your Eyes” (Entertainment One Music), from her much-anticipated upcoming fourth studio album. Read more of our interview with the Destiny’s Child member as she explains what this song really means and why she can’t get rid of her sandals post summer.

Trisha: How did ”If We Had Your Eyes” come about including the title?

Michelle Williams: The song came about through two (2) amazing writers by the name of Courtney Harrell and Al Sherrod Lambert and it was produced by Harmony Samuels. Sherrod had an amazing experience and he just wrote about it. It was about this person he ran into on the street who asked him for some change and you know you just kinda of go into your pocket and give somebody some money but I guess whoever he gave some money to said something really encouraging and life changing to him and it just inspired him to write this song. Sherrod’s eyes were open and he thought, “Wow God. If I had your eyes I wouldn’t have already had a perception about this person.”

Trisha: You always give us such great music. What can we expect from your new material?

Michelle Williams: I am totally focused on the single If We Had Your Eyes and again I worked with some amazing people. Harmony Samuels is an amazing producer and hopefully someone I’ll work with forever. The album with the beats and sounds are just beautiful and relevant to today and then just putting in my inspirational and life message on this music is really beautiful!

Trisha: What do you want the listeners to walk away with when listening to this song?

Michelle Williams: As far as the song is concerned, to be more patient and loving. More compassion and less judgment because you never know when you see someone what they’re going through or why they made the decision they made. Everyone is not perfect and will make a bunch of mistakes on this journey.

Trisha: Good message and so true!

Asha: How important is it for you to connect with your audience not only through music but with social media outlets such as Ustream where you recently held a video chat with a Q&A session with your fans.

Michelle Williams: In this day and age it is definitely important because people want to know more. You can get so much access to people and I’m like, “Okay, why don’t I just give it to you myself. Let me give you my truth. Let me give you what I believe you need to know.” It’s actually been really fun!

Asha: Your personality works well in connecting with your audience so I can see how that would be fun for you!

I personally love the song If We Had Your Eyes. Just a beautiful message . Tell us what upcoming promotions you have scheduled?

Michelle Williams: I’m definitely excited about upcoming performances and I’m due to go to New York Soon and then there is the Merge Summit taking place in Los Angeles. People want to see this song come to life. The video for the song is complete and I’m excited!

The Merge Summit took place the week of August 22nd – 24th. The event was ”created to educate, empower and inspire creative men and women of faith to do business in entertainment, by providing a platform to network, partner, and learn from leading entertainers and industry executives.”

Asha: Are there any acting projects you’re doing as well?

Michelle Williams: I’m just definitely focusing on this album. I had an amazing run with the broadway play Fela musical which ran for 6 months (January – June). The rest of this year will be about the album and hopefully next year I will get to go on tour.

Asha: Do you have anybody in mind that you would like to tour with?

Michelle Williams: There’s Erica Campbell and I think Fantasia would be great! Also Isaac Carree and Tye Tribbett. It’s so many ways to chop a tour up that could be absolutely amazing!

Asha: We’ll definitely keep on the lookout for the tour!

New season coming around. How do you prepare?

Michelle Williams: It’s hard for me to get over summer. It could be October and I am still wearing sandals but if I’m in L.A. then that’s something different and that might have something to do with my spiritually because I don’t particularly like when the seasons change…with that everything evolves. Things have to change to make room for better…the leaves have to fall off the tree and rain has to come, and I’m like, “How come the sun can’t shine everyday.”

Trisha & Asha: As before, thank you for taking time out to chat with us and let us know what’s going on with your new music. Again, we’ll look out for future tour dates with a stop in Houston…wear your sandals .

Michelle Williams: Of course, it’s a date. Sandals and Frenchy’s. Thanks guys for the support!

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