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Michelle Williams reveals more details on upcoming reality show!

Michelle Williams talked to The Jasmine Brand about her forthcoming reality show, My Sister’s Keeper. Get the deeds below: We have to ask, why reality TV?

Michelle Williams: You know what? It was almost like an accident and I’m really trying to – I think the announcement was a little premature, actually? I just want it to be right with me and my sisters. I don’t want it to – of course we have to show conflict for ratings and drama but I don’t want it to turn into a train-wreck. Because at the end of the day, I still have a life and career to have after this and I just want it to be right. I know that it will but it’s just about the right network at the right time.

So how will this one be different than, you know, the other reality T.V shows that are out there?

That is a very good question. Like I said, the thing about the show was that I wanted to let people get to kind of know me a little bit because I know people don’t know. They’re like, “We know Michelle Williams, she has long hair – Oh she’s funny?! Oh! I didn’t even know she’s funny! Oh, cool!” So just to even see them interact with people in my hometown and my family because when I got into the group ‘Destiny’s Child’, it was a moving train. So we didn’t have time to say, “Okay, everybody this is who she is.” It was kind of like, “I’m a team player, let’s go!”. You know what I mean? So from there, just to show myself, interact with my family and another thing about that is that I’ve missed thirteen years of my sister’s life. I’ve missed births, I’ve missed birthday parties and they said something to me that really made me want to do it when they said, “T” – my first name’s Tenitra so they called me ‘T’. They like, “T, we miss you.” And that hurt my heart that people don’t realise when you get into the business like this, you sacrifice family and all those. I can cry now thinking about like, “They miss me. They’ve got my back.” but they don’t get to see me all the time.

So let’s talk about your album a little bit – so are you surprised at how well received it was?

I’ll say this – Yeah! Because you’ll never know what sounds good to you in studio may not sound great to everybody else. And it’s been almost five years since I put out music and my thing was to – when I have something to say, music-wise, I’ll do music. And then the other thing that got me back into music – I literally have been doing theatre since 2007 to last year, so five years of theatre back-to-back – I did one album in between but even after that album, I did two shows. I did Chicago for two years, I toured in a David Talbert production for two years so that took up a lot of time that could have been music-related but it was still prosperous years.

And last question, so Miley Cyrus performed at the VMAs not too long ago – can you describe what you thought about her performance that you saw?

If you had a bible right here, I’m going to tell you this, “I did not see the performance. I barely saw N’Sync’s reunion so, but from what everybody is saying – some where in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerking.


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