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Michelle Williams interviews Vera Wang

Michelle Williams interviewed designer fashion icon Vera Wang for The Insider. the two talked fashion, shoes, and the Superbowl.

THE INSIDER’s special correspondent Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams spoke with fashion designer Vera Wang to discuss the dress she designed for friend and opera singer Renée Fleming to wear during her performance of the National Anthem. While discussing Fleming’s dress, Wang, who has never designed an outfit for a Super Bowl performance, explains, “I think the fact [that] Renée wore a very, very beautiful two way stretch, black sheath was something that I loved seeing her in, being so sleek and minimal. It is actually [a] very athletic fabric that has two way stretch and is just a high performance fabric. The ivory file cover up or cape, lent a real sense of drama but also [a] sleek, clean and lean [look.] You have to have a bit of drama for the Super Bowl…I think that she was able to stand out.”

Wang goes on to discuss how her friendship with Fleming affected the design saying, “We really adore each other, and we have a very natural affinity, and that always helps in any collaborative process…My huge respect for her, as one of the greatest sopranos to ever have lived, is something I can’t help remembering every now and then when I’m dressing her, even though she is my girlfriend. So, those are sort of the crazy mixed emotions you get when you are collaborating.”


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