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Michelle Williams talks Superbowl and new album with Sway

During Superbowl Media Week, Michelle Williams stopped by radio host Sway’s show Sway’s Universe to discuss the Superbowl and she gives a little information on her upcoming album, Journey to Freedom.

Actress and singer Michelle Williams came through Sway in the Morning to talk about her new job as a sport correspondent for the Super Bowl. Additionally, she talked about whether she was looking for a footballer or just a regular man to date. The former Destiny’s Child member also talked about giving out Xbox’s to men who knew the lyrics to the girl group’s songs. She revealed a few football players who could sing along to the lyrics verbatim as well. Williams went on to discuss using her celebrity past to be a better interviewer to other celebrities and what position she thinks she can play on the field. Tracy G also delved into the Celebrity Wire and Michelle also gave her two sense. Watch Williams’ interview and look out her new project Journey to Freedom.

Source: SwaysUniverse

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