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Oxygen Announces New Show with Michelle Williams & Deitrick Haddon


Fix My Choir

Produced by Pink Sneakers with John Ehrhard, Kimberly Ehrhard and Lauren Stevens along with Relevé Entertainment’s Holly Carter and Jonathan Singer, and Deitrick Haddon serving as exec producers.

Struggling choirs are mentored with the help of gospel superstar Deitrick Haddon (Preachers of L.A.) and Grammy-winning recording artist Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child. Each week, the duo will surprise a community, school or gospel choir and help them find perfect harmony both within their music — and their members. They will dive deep into the members’ lives to tackle the choir’s core issues including leadership, inter-personal conflicts, artistic direction and presentation, doing whatever it takes to get these choirs back on track with perfect pitch and newfound confidence.

Photos from Press Conference:



Source: Oxygen

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