All posts ‘Fix My Choir’: Michelle Williams’ New Music After Destiny’s Child — Interview

Oxygen’s newest show ‘Fix My Choir’ brings together a Gospel superstar and a former R&B pop star to help hometown choirs all over the country. Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child spoke exclusively to all about the series, and the music ahead!

Michelle Williams gets candid about her new gospel series Fix My Choir, her love for music and R. Kelly. Plus, how does she really feel about her former band mates?

Michelle Williams: From Bootylicious To Gospel Queen On ‘Fix My Choir’

Fix My Choir documents Michelle and Preachers Of L.A star, Dietrick Haddon, visiting different choirs for a week at a time to help them harmonize both vocally and personally. There are plenty of laughs, tears, great music, drama and some seriously inspirational moments in every episode.

It may surprise you, but Michelle actually began singing in local churches and choirs, before she joined the hottest R&B group of the 2000s.

“Oh gospel music is my first love!” she told Hollywood Life exclusively. “It’s all life music to me. That’s the music I go to when I’m happy and when I’m sad…It’s my foundation. I think I go back to it because it comforts me.”

Even though we’ll be seeing Michelle as a nurturing mentor on the show, the show was a challenging experience for her, too.

“People just see reality TV and think they filmed it in one day,” she explains. “No! One episode takes five or six days! It was just getting used to, you know, what people criticize so much — and it is hard work! So I commend those that get their million dollars in this…its hard work!”

Michelle also dished out a pre-performance secret from her Destiny’s Child days.

“We would listen to Brandy…and Dietrick Haddon!” Michelle tells of Destiny’s Child‘s pre-performance pump-up music of choice. “R. Kelly had a song — I think it was his “Feelin’ On Yo Booty” remix — but we would just listen to that music because that would pump us up before we had to get on stage and deliver to people.”

She adds, “R&B is what I use to have fun, to uplift and inspire because some of my music, you know, it has to sonically sound a way to attract people.”

Michelle also jokes about her girls, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, telling us that her more recent music has been inspired by them and their fans.

“People said, ‘Michelle you were always my favorite,’ [and] I’d think, ‘No I wasn’t! Kelly was!’ I didn’t believe those things about me…so I can honestly, with a true heart, say thank you. So [her song] ‘Believe In Me,’ that was what that was about.”

Fix My Choir premieres Nov. 5 (10/9c) on Oxygen.


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