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HipHollywood chats with Michelle Willams on Fela & Destiny’s Child

Michelle Williams says the world may have seen the last of Destiny’s Child at Super Bowl XVLII.

HipHollywood caught up with Michelle, who is currently starring in the Tony Award-winning play Fela, and asked her if we should be expecting more music from the trio of ladies. “As far as Destiny’s Child is concerned I think you’ve seen the last of us for a long time when we did the Super Bowl,” she explained.

But don’t think Michelle’s revelation has anything to do with the criticism she received from people like Keyshia Cole following her Super Bowl performance. Michelle has yet to respond to Cole’s tweets directly, and told us she has no reaction any comments about her performance. “No reaction … the next day came. I was too busy celebrating with my girls and just being absolutely excited about being able to do what I love to do.”

And these days, the singer’s love is acting. Williams is currently on tour with Fela playing Sandra Isador and says she lept at the opportunity to play the part. Check it out!

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