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    Michelle co-hosts “The Real”

    A couple of days ago Michelle Williams stepped in for Tamar Braxton-Herbert on “The Real” as a co-host. The panel talked about Michelle’s video “Believe In Me”, christmas cards and more girl chat. Kirk Franklin performed his latest song as well. We’ve capped the full episode for you. Watch it here:

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    UMW Exclusive: Bimray Gospel Festival 2015 review

    When I heard the news that Michelle was coming back to Europe, I knew I had to be there to see her live. So I booked my tickets to the Bimray Gospel Festival immediately – two months later here I am in Amsterdam, Netherlands standing in front row. The atmosphere in the Heineken Music Hall was incredible. Minutes before Michelle came to the stage, the Soul Brothers and Fabian Willems warmed up the audience with their joyful performances. When the host finally announced the leading star of the night the crowd went wild. Michelle entered the stage and launched with “Watch Me Praise Him“. The crowd chanted “I – don’t…