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Video: Michelle Williams performs at One Church International

One Church - If We Had Your Eyes 1

Michelle Williams, the 33-year-old singer formerly of Destiny’s Child, recently went to church to reveal that she has struggled with thoughts of giving up Gospel music.

“I have to be honest with you. I had a moment this week,” Williams said while appearing at One Church International in Los Angeles, Calif recently. “I said, ‘God, you have to tell me if this is what you told me to do, ’cause I don’t see it.'”

Williams began attending the church when her good friend and fellow Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland referred her. The gospel music singer’s recent experience there seemed to be a positive one.

However, there seemed to be something special about her attendance last Sunday.

“It’s been amazing. I’ve been coming to this church, it’s been some months now,” Williams told the congregation, according to a EEW Magazine report. “And today I felt something I’ve never felt before. I don’t know what’s going on but [I feel] so much freedom, so much happiness and light-literally.”

Although the singer reflected on God’s love, she also admitted that sometimes it was hard for her to accept.

“And you hear that all the time, God loves you, God loves you, but for some reason, I took that one differently,” Williams said during her recent appearance at One Church International. “..That might hit you when you get home, but I had not accepted His love because I was feeling so guilty and just ashamed of things. And coming here for a while now, I’m just telling you how restored I am and how God is definitely a healer.”

The singer has been candid about her spiritual growth in recent interviews, Williams, saying she is in a good place after a stint on Broadway and is currently preparing her upcoming solo album “Journey To Freedom.” However, the singer revealed that she was not always so happy when looking at her own reflection.

“I’m happy,” Williams told earlier this summer. When I tell you I actually like who I see in the mirror, because for a long time it wasn’t like that.”

Article: Christian Post

Accompanied by producer and musician Harmony Samuels, Michelle not only gave powerful, live renditions of current lead single #IWHYE and the Nigerian church anthem “When Jesus Says Yes” but also shared some personal testimonies along the way.

WATCH clips from the service below:

“If We Had Your Eyes”

“When Jesus Says Yes”

Pastor Touré Roberts apologises to Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland on behalf of “The Church”

WATCH the entire service HERE

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