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LeToya Luckett Talks About Folks Picking On Her BFF, Michelle Williams

LeToya Luckett recently talked to MadameNoire about her feelings on social media bullies talking about Michelle Williams:


“People are…[breathes deeply], especially in social media now…I didn’t know about the hashtag, but now I do and I’m like, ‘Wow. Gross.’ People have to realize that these are people’s feelings and Michelle is such a beautiful person. When people create stuff like that about other people, I kind of want to come and sit on somebody else’s desk while they’re at work and point out things about them. Or come to their front door and just say nasty things. I don’t understand how people think that’s okay. Do unto others as you want done to yourself. This is somebody’s daughter. This is somebody’s sister. You don’t do that to people. That’s not nice. You wouldn’t want it done to yourself. You don’t want people coming out poking and picking at your insecurities and your flaws. And I’m pretty sure half of the world wishes they could be in Destiny’s Child and have had the experiences that she had. Of course, if she was the one answering the question, she would be like, ‘Girl, I don’t care.’ But as her friend, I’m like ‘Uh uh, don’t you do it. Don’t you come for her.’ So I just wish some people would really take time before they click on that comment and start rambling about someone they do not know. Think about how you would feel if someone did that to you. And I think with social media, people feel like they can come right to your front door and spit in your face at times. I don’t think the Twitters of the world, Facebooks of the world, and Instagrams of the world were created for such disgusting moments like that. And I think we as people are turning it into that, and that’s not cool.”

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Bonus: LeToya Luckett discusses being in Michelle’s video for “If We Had Your Eyes” in Yahoo interview.

Yahoo: I was happily surprised to see you in Destiny’s Child members Michelle Williams’s music video for “If We Had Your Eyes” last year. What was your reaction when she asked you to be in the video?

LL: There was no hesitation whatever. That’s my sister. I love her to death. In any way that I can be a part of something she’s doing, I’ll do it. She’s such a great person. She’s a sweetheart. She has a love for God as I do. I felt especially with the message of that song. It would be an honor to be a part of something like that. And hopefully it would reach the eyes and ears of some woman or even some man and inspire and help get them through a situation.

Source: Yahoo

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