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“Say Yes” producer Harmony Samuels explains song’s origin

Recently at One Church International in LA, producer Harmony Samuels whom produced Michelle Williams new single “Say Yes” featuring Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé explained where the song originated from and how the song almost wasn’t heard. Harmony, Kelly and Michelle are all members of One Church International. After announcements during a live-streamed church service, Harmony asked the programmer to play Michelle’s single. The audience got up and joined in a dancing celebration of the song. Harmony then began to explain why he produced the song and the difficulties the song encountered before it leaked to the public:

I was born in London. My parents are from Nigeria. My family is very multicultural. Half of them are also Jamaican. This is a song we grew up to. Anyone from Africa knows it was an anthem we grew up to and it got us through a lot of hard times. It’s so simple, “When Jesus Says Yes, Nobody Can Say No.” It don’t get no clearer than that. So, I always wanted to do something great for the Lord. So, it was always great for me to produce for great people. I’ve worked with some really great people. On this plane to LA I said, “Lord I need to make sure whatever I do, what I do for you is greater.” The opportunity came to work on Michelle’s album, which is awesome. She was going to Nigeria to do something and I told her to sing that (When Jesus Say Yes). She had a moment in the studio literally out on the floor praising Jesus. I was like wow this song is powerful. She was like, “You have to produce this for me.” We produced the record and for 12 months we didn’t know what to do with it. She was like, “This is very different” and I was like, “Maybe you should go to Africa and release it. They’ll get it.” But when Jesus Says Yes, Nobody Can Say No. 9 months pass. Beyoncé comes into town, Kelly comes into town. They listen to the album and request to be on that song. The one they requested! They requested to be on that song. I didn’t have to ask. So, they do the song and just to let you know when God decides to switch the light on he’s always going to have his way. Now, in the time we have done the song, we have three of the biggest artists in the world on this song. I’m being told, “No it’s not going to work. Radio’s not going to play it.” We’re being told, “It’s not going to crossover. It’s not going to make any sense. So, they’re going to do a release in the Gospel world. We said oh ok, cool. So, we just forgot about the song. 6 months goes by and then God turns up and leaks the song himself. I’m waking up in the morning like, “Say Yes is leaked” and I’m mad and screaming like who did it. Then Jesus spoke to me like “Calm down! Watch!” In 24 hours, we had Rolling Stone, Billboard and all the high magazines speak about this record. We have Power 105 play it. Hot 97 play it. We had people from all over the world talk about this record like the song says, “When Jesus Say Yes, Nobody Can Say No”. Moving on…

Motivational speaker and author Devon Franklin interprets reading from a tablet:

This is from LA Times. “On Wednesday, though, Destiny’s Child fans had their memories refreshed — and their hopes for future awesomeness raised — when a killer new tune appeared online featuring the group’s three members. Said to be due for inclusion on Michelle Williams’ upcoming gospel album, “Say Yes” reunites Williams with Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland in a lively rendition of a traditional praise song popular in Nigeria. Williams took to Twitter not long after “Say Yes” began circulating to bemoan the fact that the version of the song that leaked hadn’t been mixed or mastered. But LA Times is here to proclaim that she can chill. This thing rules.”

Devon takes his seat and Harmony proceeds to sing, “When Jesus Says Yes, Nobody Can Say No”. The audience stood up again and joined Harmony in singing. Devon reads one more quote on the song from

“When new single “Say Yes” surfaced online. Not only does the catchy toe-tapper feature Beyonce and Kelly Rowland (and thus reunite Destiny’s Child), it also expertly bridges the gap between gospel and popular music. This could be the first song of praise to crossover since Mary Mary‘s “Shackles (Praise You)” in 2000. Michelle jumped on her awesome Twitter and thanked fans for their support but explained that the version being shared online is unmixed and unmastered. She also revealed that “Say Yes” was produced by Harmony Samuels (the man behind Ariana Grande‘s “The Way”) and is based on a popular Nigerian hymn.” The reason I interrupted Harmony is because if you all don’t have the memo, anything you do for Christ will last if you put him first. If you use your talents you will turn this culture upside down. Please don’t think that being in God’s business is being out of business. It’s the only business so sayeth the Lord. Hallelujah! Amen! When Jesus Says Yes, Can’t Nobody Say No! You better start saying Yes daily because Jesus has said a Yes over your life. The enemy wants a No, but Jesus has already said Yes!

Start video around 45 minutes.

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