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Michelle Williams joins Entertainment Tonight for Superbowl Media Day

Laconic Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch remained closed-off to most outlets during Super Bowl media day on Tuesday in Arizona, but ET special correspondent Michelle Williams got him to open up in a sweet moment.

As she did with all the other players, Williams tried to get Lynch to put his golden pipes on display and join the Destiny’s Child singer in singing a Katy Perry song when she caught up with him backstage, but she didn’t expect a lot of participation. During his time at the podium, Lynch told reporters bluntly, “I’m here so I won’t get fined.”

According to ESPN, the NFL warned Lynch that he could face a $500,000 fine if he failed to make himself available on media day.

“I have to sing?” Lynch asked Williams. “I run into people, though. I think it’d be better if you sing.”

Lynch eventually gave in, belting out the chorus from “Nights Like This” featured on the soundtrack of the 1991 classic The Five Heartbeats.

For his efforts, Williams rewarded Lynch with an Xbox One, which Lynch assured us was going straight to his Fam 1st Family Foundation, launched by himself and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joshua Johnson.

See full interview Tuesday night on ET! Check local listings!

Source: ET Online

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