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SourceTV: Michelle Williams talks her new gospel album

In February, it was announced that Michelle Williams will be starring in her own reality television show, titled “My Sister’s Keeper” produced by E1 Television, to coincide with the release of her fourth studio album. The Source Magazine caught up with Michelle at the 2013 SESAC Pop Music Awards. She came to present Songwriter of the Year to her longtime friend Rico Love.

Q: Tell us about your new gospel album?

Michelle Williams: I’m excited about new album that’s coming out this year via Light/E1 Records. It’s a great record. It’s an urban record, it’s an inspirational record and it’s just talking about my journey to freedom and what it took to get there

Q: Why is Gospel music so important to you?

Michelle Williams: It’s just my foundation. It’s my base. I was listening to some music the other day and that’s what keeps me focused, it’s what keeps me sane, it’s what keeps me happy in a way!

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