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Michelle Williams takes on topics for the Meredith Vieira Show!

Michelle Williams was a guest on The Meredith Vieira Show joined by a panel of celebrity guests to discuss some recent trending news stories in the media. Michelle actively gave her opinion on several topics and keep the appearance fun as she tackled some interesting topics. See a few clips as Michelle takes on family pressure and the subject of being caught on camera unexpectedly among other things.

Singer Michelle Williams opens up about family pressure when it comes to money–should you share the wealth?

Michelle Williams joins Meredith to dish about hot headlines, and nothing is off limits! Star of “Funny Girls” Yamaneika Saunders, “New York Live” correspondent Lilliana Vazquez, and actress Arden Myren talk about full frontal male nudity and more!

More clips after the break….

Michelle, Yamaneika, Lilliana, and Arden weigh in on former football player Phillip Buchanon revealing that after he was drafted in the NFL his mom demanded one million dollars, claiming that’s how much it cost her to raise him!

We are all guilty of losing it, but this ESPN reporter was caught on tape after lashing out at a tow truck employee— how far is too far? Our panel sounds off!

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