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Michelle Williams takes on Chicago’s potholes with Advance Auto Parts

Michelle Williams recently joined Advance Auto Parts fun feature called the Pothole Dummy in Chicago. The Pothole Dummy is a live camera feed that goes around the city counting potholes.

Here’s a funny clip from Michelle’s episode:

Learn more about the Pothole Dummy:

Did you catch Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams riding in the Advance Auto Parts’ Pothole Dummy car on Friday? If not, watch the clip, “Michelle Williams Rolls with Pothole Dummy” about her experience hitting the Chicago streets with Second City performer Daniel Strauss in their search for the biggest, baddest potholes in the city. The car was definitely “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” from all of the potholes hit over the course of five days – 1,110 total to be exact.

Advance Auto Parts kicked off a program called Pothole Dummy in Chicago from April 4-8 – putting a custom-wrapped car on the city’s streets and tasking the driver with hitting as many potholes as possible over the week to draw attention to vehicle pothole damage – as well as providing insights to consumers on how to prevent that damage from getting out of hand. In fact, AAA recently reported that pothole damage over the past five years has put U.S. drivers in the hole by $15 billion.

Source: Allison+Partners

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