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Fantasia talks about working with Michelle Williams

Fantasia recently did an interview with in support of her newly released album, “Side Effects of You.” During the interview she was asked about working with Michelle Williams on Michelle’s upcoming album. There is little known about the gospel project or the song. This is the first time it has been confirmed by either artist that they worked together.

According to Fantasia, “Michelle is a very beautiful spirit. Every time I see her she’s always the same and she never changes. She’s never extra extra, read all about it. She’s never Hollywood. She’s just really nice. And whenever they called me and said we want you to be on the song, I was like No Doubt. So they sent it to North Carolina and she’s killing on the song. She’s killing! Her vocals sound amazing. You can tell she’s in a great place and so I was honored to be able to work with her. I tell her and a lot of artists that if they call me it’s not about money, I’m there.”

Watch video of Fantasia talking about Michelle around 7:30.

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