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Michelle Williams Talks New Music And Being Bullied, Says “Bullying Is Never Going To Go Away”

Looking ethereal and goddess-like in BCBG at the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards, Michelle Williams is on cloud nine these days enjoying a busy summer and an upcoming album. The Destiny’s Child singer and star of Fela, was on hand at last night’s festivities to support fellow pop and gospel artists, including honoree Usher.

But before she took her seat in the celeb-filled ballroom, she dished to CocoaFab about her new single “If We Had Your Eyes”, her upcoming album, and even revealed that she was a victim of bullying in high school. Not to worry, one very special person helped Michelle get through it.

On her new single:
“I’m very happy about it. The inspiration was that one of the writers had an experience with someone on the street and he came into the studio and his life was changed from that moment. This man on the street asked him for some money and you think you’re going to change their life by giving them money, but then you turn around and they’ve changed your life. And you’re blown away. That’s God and an angel touching your life. So that’s how the song came about.”

On her album being defined as Christian pop:
“Well…I’ve never been really comfortable with certain labels. Even when I did a dance record, I never felt comfortable labeling it. But previous management told me that I have to say what it is. iTunes needs to know where to place it, Best Buy, Walmart need to know where to place it. So that’s the label they gave it. I just hope that a lot of people hear it. I want it to be in the Christian section, in the R&B section, in the Urban section, in Gospel. I want everyone to be able to feel inspired by my music. I know that God will spread it out and make it go where it needs to go.”

On the album reportedly dealing with bullying and her personal experiences:
“Even my new single ‘If We Had Your Eyes’ [touches on] that. When I was growing up in school. I was bullied. I had to move schools and deal with that. But God sees us as all perfect. So what, he may have glasses and she might have braces. Or she might be skinny or she’s more developed than the other girls. We all got bullied. But God sees us all as perfect. It’s just human nature. Bullying is never going to go away.”

On her summer plans:
“Promotions. No vacations for me. I hit my label because I just ended Fela, and I told them I needed to move on to the next phase. And they said ‘Okay, well you’re single is due out June 24th.’ So I got what I asked for. Like Kevin hart said ‘No, No , No’. But yes, I’m just so happy that we’re going to keep things moving because this year started off with such a high and I want the momentum to keep going.”

On what’s next:
“I would love to do more Broadway. I’ve done four albums and four Broadway shows, so I think I want to keep that up. In between each album, I’ll do a Broadway show.”

See more at: CocoaFab

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