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E! News talks to Michelle Williams

E! News caught up with Michelle Williams to discuss her new show and how Kelly Rowland is doing as a new mom.

Kelly Rowland is a mom—and longtime dear pal Michelle Williams has no doubt she’ll be a great one.

“She’s doing very well,” Williams told E! News today when we asked how her former Destiny’s Child mate was doing after welcoming son Titan Jewell Weatherspoon, her first child with hubby Tim Weatherspoon, yesterday afternoon.

“Kelly’s going to be an amazing mom,” the singer added. “She’s always been great with children. She loves babysitting, she loves buying stuff for kids. She has such a big heart. She’s a giver and a nurturing person and, really, that’s what motherhood is all about.”

And even though Michelle has been super-busy making her new album, Journey to Freedom, and shooting her new show, Fix My Choir, in which she travels around the country helping choirs get into shape (vocally, that is), she looks forward to pulling babysitting duty for Kelly—or for Beyoncé!

She “absolutely” love being Auntie Michelle to her friends’ kids, she tells us.

“I have no problem if one of them ever wants to spend the night,” Williams gushed. “If Blue decides she wants to be with Auntie Michelle, I’ll take her. Then I’ll send her home full of sugar!”

Well, she may be on the run from Blue’s mommy if that happens, but that’s what fun aunts are for!

Meanwhile, though Michelle is “not too confident” that another Destiny’s Child reunion is in the works for anytime soon, Kelly and Beyoncé did join her for “Say Yes” on Journey to Freedom.

Next up, Fix My Choir’s premiere tonight at 10 p.m. on Oxygen will find Williams in New Orleans working with Joshua Kagler & Harmonistic Praise Crusade.

“I grew up in the choir, I grew up singing in church,” she told us when asked what drew her to the subject matter. “It’s something I’m still very passionate about, so for me, this show was a no-brainer.”

As for deciding to do a reality show, Michelle said that this type of series was a “no-brainer”—but she has her limits.

“I would have reservations about doing a show that follows my personal life,” she admitted. “I’m not opposed to people doing it if it works for them, I just don’t want to do that. Something like this, that just shows me working and having fun, I think is great. But not a show about who I’m dating, no.”

We’d totally watch that, but… we get it.

Source: E! News

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