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Huffington Post Live: Michelle Williams Opens Up About Quieter Times Post-Destiny’s Child

Michelle Williams Opens Up About Quieter Times Post-Destiny’s Child
HuffPost Live | By Emily Tess Katz

There was a time when Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams let the tabloids dictate how she felt about herself. But life as a solo artist has brought quieter times, something the “Fix My Choir” host has had to make peace with, she told HuffPost Live in a Wednesday interview:

Some celebrities have a hard time because there’s gonna come a point when you’re not gonna be sought after like you were once.. I was guilty of attaching my self-worth according to how people viewed me or if I was relevant. If I wasn’t on blogs everyday — I’m still balancing this — like if I’m off for two days, I start feeling like a bum. I start feeling like I’m not contributing to society because it’s that work ethic of being in the group where we were constantly constantly working.

Williams keeps morale high by reminding herself that she’s “still a great person” even when she’s not “out doing 80 interviews.”

“Things are just slow today,” she’ll tell herself. “But tomorrow, you’re gonna wish you had that nap you were able to take yesterday.”

What matters most is “heart posture” and “how you treat people,” the singer added.

“Although it’s good to have money in the bank, that’s not who you are,” she said. “Money in the bank is not who you are.”

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